Which packageis the right one for you?

Our Gold Essential Package has been designed for those that appreciate the necessity of having a team of dedicated & committed professionals available 24/7 for those 'events' when we need them most.

Our Gold Essential Package includes:

24/7Access to our operations center

UNLIMITED Emergency callouts

UNLIMITEDManpower hours


Air Conditioners x 3 per annum

Electrical Fittings x 1 per annum

Plumbing system x 1 per annum

Repair Services

Our Gold Essential Package excludes:

Spare Parts required in the repair or during periodic maintenance will be quoted separately.
The Gold Essential package provides you....with the comfort that not only are you covered with reactive emergency call outs but also the benefit of regular maintenance of your home's services at an affordable cost.

Planned Maintenance Services
•Air Conditioning x 3 per annum
•Electrical System x 1 per annum
•Plumbing system x 1 per annum

Repair Services
•Air Conditioners
•Electrical Fittings
•Plumbing system defects

Unlimited Emergency Callouts 24/7 with a 2 hour maximum reaction time.

What you need to know, the facts..

•Unlimited Callouts are provided for AC, Electrical and Plumbing System Emergencies only.

•Emergency callouts for issues that we have previously provided you with a quote to fix, but you have not accepted are excluded.

•If it isn't broken we don't fix it - Handyman services (non system related) are excluded and must be ordered separately.

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