Resulting from the Joint Ventures of the most successful business models in the GCC, ME and Europe, with a portfolio of credentials over 500 Local and Multinational Corporate Customers, “USM Facilities” is purely dedicated to act as ‘the one stop shop prime quality service provider to selective partners in the Middle East and the GCC countries’.

The Company offers a unique solution to the estate business by providing Total Facilities Management Services in One Integrated Management System (IMS) using the latest state of the art technologies in the Business.


Management Services
  • Facilities/Estate Management
  • Building Management System
  • Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Property Management
Miscellaneous Services
  • Electrical Maintenance & Renovation
  • Mechanical Maintenance & Renovation
  • Biomedical Maintenance & Renovation
  • Plumbing Maintenance & Renovation
  • Landscaping Maintenance
Civil Works
  • Civil Works
  • Renovation
  • Painting
  • Partitions
  • Elevations

Facilities Management Scope Of Work

Equipment Management
  • Divide project into Operating Locations
  • Inventory & labeling existing equipments by Location (Serial #, Asset #, Install Date, Warranty Date …)
  • Link equipments to items whenever possible
  • Define Job Plans by Equipment
  • Define Failure Classes and Problem Codes by Equipment
  • Define Meters by Equipment
  • Prepare a Predictive (Condition Based Monitoring) Maintenance Program by Equipment
  • Define Measurement Points by Equipment
  • Define Warning Limits by Equipment
  • Define Action Limits by Equipment
  • Set up Calendars by Equipment
Equipment Management
  • Inventory items in stock by warehouse
  • List items used according to the Standard Modifier Dictionary
  • Inventory existing tools used
Work Management
  • Prepare a Preventive Maintenance Program by Equipment based on Time and Meters
  • Define Hazards and precautions for Hazards (MSDS…)
  • Give Priorities by Work Order
  • Review Maintenance team qualifications
  • Define Labor Calendars
  • Establish Routines and Controls
  • Design Workflow for each maintenance procedure
  • Establish proper approval levels
  • Optimize the resource allocation

FM Methodology

FM Training Matrix